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As from July 2016 we be changing our colours from cream and brown to red and black, this will come in as the original colours are gone.



At Acrol UK Ltd we have been designing and manufacturing Microclene air filters for over 20 years, we have managed to gain distribution agents in over 14 countries around the world and we have 50 retailers in the UK.

Microclene filters are hand assembled in our UK factory in Gosport, Hampshire; we only ever use high quality components throughout, for example we use

SOLENT POWDER COATINGS in Gosport, Hampshire,  for all the paintwork on our products, we go for the best of everything to produce a product that will last.

The Microclene range was designed in response to the high number of cancer cases caused by timber dust inhalation mentioned in the national press. In the first two years Microclene filters were given several awards, “Health & Safety product of the Year”,  “Services to the Woodwork Industry Award” and others.

Our filters are used all over the world in lots of different environments, Timber Dust is our largest market, and some other markets include:  

  • Racehorse stables.
  • Hospitals.
  • Schools.
  • Colleges.
  • Universities.
  • Metal grinding.
  • Indoor aviaries.
  • Dental labs.
  • Printing works.
  • We now have a new filter for spray tanning, very powerful yet portable. plus a nail salon remove dangerous fumes and health damaging dust.
  • Dog Groomers are now using Microclenes.

For many years people have thought that only the exotic timbers were a danger to health, at a later date the European timbers were tested  and found to be just as dangerous, causing all sorts of health problems, including nasal cancer, asthma etc.

We have lots of Asthma and allergy sufferers using the Microclenes in their homes with great success.

If you have a dust problem a Microclene filter system can sort it out for you.

For Pet Grooming  the MC760 is the ideal air filter for this job, it is portable, efficient and strong. It will remove fine hair trimmings and any odours as well.

The health problems of  Grooming dogs and cats are that any plants eg. grass can have all sorts of spores and moulds that will transfer to the fur  of the animal walking by, and then during the trimming process the minute cut hair particles float around for quite a long time, which means that the groomer and the pet will be breathing them into their lungs. Very  small particles of dander will also be breathed in, this can cause Athsma and other breathing problems, skin irritation is also a problem.

Help protect your health, use a Microclene


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